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Body fat %
Movement/ posture
Behavioral patterns

Food planning

Calorie intake
Meal plans
Cooking support

Goal setting

Weekly fat loss
Energy expenditure
Training progression
Daily tracking


Muscle building
Strength training
Movement/ technique


Body transformation

The Gym Method provides the highest quality personal training and nutrition programs, along with the ongoing daily support required to transform your body.
You will experience rapid fat loss, improved strength and body composition as you learn how to move and train with purpose and intensity. 
You will feel the mental focus, motivation, and confidence in transforming your body and taking control of your health. 
Duration: 8 - 12 weeks


Back pain rehabilitation

Vertebral disc degeneration and herniation are common painful conditions caused by poor stability in the disc joint, more often a consequence of poor mechanics across the whole body.
The Gym Method is the complete  solution with a comprehensive focus on whole body movement, posture, lifestyle, and behavior. The Gym Method educates you through the process of removing pain, restoring spine health and whole body movement.
You exercise in the gym and learn how to successfully rehabilitate yourself. You will develop your understanding and transform your fitness along the way.
Duration: 8 - 12 weeks


Online transformation

The Gym Method online program delivers clear and personalised guidance on how to dramatically transform your body wherever you are in the world.
The Gym Method software contains your program information, daily instructions, and upcoming training schedule, complete with videos, diaries, and step by step guides. Your program is tailored to fit your body, lifestyle, and needs.
You will quickly develop solid foundations for strength, experience positive, long-lasting changes to your food choices and daily routine, as you get into amazing shape.
Duration - 12 weeks