• James Heath

Tracking fat loss

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

How to measure your fat loss progress with body-weight scales

Are you decreasing in mass?

Physiologically speaking your body will only lose cells or build cells depending on which side of the energy balance you are on. You will not build lots of muscle and drop lots of fat at the same time unless taking some kind of performance enhancement. As a result when looking to loose fat you will be decreasing in mass. If the scale weight isn’t going down then you are not progressing and dropping fat.

Subcutaneous body fat is located over, among and around the muscles tissue, organs and joints. That’s what people want to reduce in order to reveal a leaner, more muscular look. You know… less of a wobbly jiggly pear shaped look.

Most people will drop a significant amount of subcutaneous body fat in their goal to look and feel better; anywhere from 2-20% of their total body fat percentage. Loosing that amount of fat mass will be detected when weighing yourself on the scales. As a rough rule 1kg of fat loss is equal to 1% body fat provided that is the only tissue you are losing.

Follow a good fat loss program

It is important to highlight that a good fat loss plan is one where you lose fat and keep your muscle, thus revealing strong muscular body underneath. A bad fat loss program is one where you are losing muscle and fat.

Unfortunately for most people unless following a well-structured fat loss program (usually provided by a professional) they will experience weight loss from muscle and fat. A well structured program will ensure you are in an energy deficit, training correctly by contracting the muscle tissue (signalling the need to build muscle) and eating the right about of (roughly 1.1 – 1.3grams of protein/ pound of bodyweight), thus ensuring you’re dropping mostly fat.

Add in some additional fuel work such as moderate cardio each day or every other day you’ll create additional demands on your body to use up your fat reserves.

Follow the rules:

You have yourself a good fat loss program and you can track that fat loss using your scales. Just follow these rules when doing so:

*Be sure to avoid daily weight fluctuations because your body is a complex organism and it is made up of many different things. Water and food consumed is going to significantly alter the readings each day but tracking the weekly average you will see the useful trend.

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