• James Heath

Think lean!

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Have you heard the famous proverb?

It all starts with the way you think? Start thinking lean… Start talking lean to become lean!

There’s no point, embarking on a serious transformation program if you’re still thinking and talking like a ‘fatty’.

A) Food prep

Fat talk: I’ve got no time in the morning or the evening to prepare the right food.

Lean talk: I will plan my daily routine around the time needed to prepare the right food.

B) Travelling

Fat Talk: I’m travelling for work and I’ll just have to eat what’s there.

Lean Talk: I’ll plan ahead of time in order to make the right food choices. I’ll check the hotel menu and google search for nearby supermarkets and restaurants.

C) Peer pressure

Fat Talk: I can’t eat that because my coach will be angry.

Lean Talk: I’m sorry but I do not want to eat that but thank you for the offer.

D) Eating out with family and friends

Fat Talk: I have to eat what they eat so they don’t say things or get offended.

Lean Talk: I’m a grown adult and can cope with a bit of criticism. Food isn’t the reason for tonight’s enjoyment, as it’s more about being out with my friends and family.

There is no such thing as good or bad food, but there is a good and a bad diet. Success is determined by what you do on a daily basis. Get into the right mindset.

There is no reason you cannot achieve your goals. There could simply be thoughts of how you are going to achieve them.

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