• James Heath

Morning fasting and fat loss

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Why a morning fast can help fat loss

Delaying your first meal in the day for as long as possible is often described as a morning fast. The word breakfast is derived from breaking the night's fast where sleep has occurred and food has not been consumed between 6 to 10 hours - provided you are not a mid-night snacker!

By actively choosing to postpone your first meal of the day (breakfast) you increase the length of time you go without consuming food and thus increase the chances of being able to stick to your food plan and avoid snacking. If the primary goal is to be in a negative energy balance and reduce food intake then decreasing the time window where you consume the days food can be of huge benefit.

Back up your meals

You will naturally need to consume smaller meals or snacks, less frequently. Reducing the time window for eating will back up your meals for the day meaning you may be less likely to consume additional calories at the end of the day. Personally this works well for me as I struggle to control myself after a long day at work rather then in the morning. Oats, vanilla whey protein with fruit is a personal favorite for me 2 hours before bed; which is interesting as it is generally regarded as a common breakfast meal.

Morning fasting isn't for everyone

This strategy won't work for everyone as people may have different daily routines and preferences for eating times. You may prefer to fast in the evening and consume your food earlier in the day as soon as you wake.

However like me the evening is where your sat thinking about food, it makes sense to have food available from your fat loss plan as opposed to eating off plan. Why not give morning fast a try and delay your first meal for as long as possible. But remember the best nutrition plan is one that works for you and that your most likely to stick too.

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